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Democracy Study Centre 2019-2020

The Democracy Study Centre (DSC) is a project founded in 2016 by the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society (GPUS) and implemented in cooperation with the European-Ukrainian Youth Policy Centre (EUYPC). It enjoys the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. The Democracy Study Centre works on the basis of an academic year on a yearly basis, creating a platform for effective socio-political debates, and providing its young scholars with the opportunity to design, develop and complete their own projects aimed at the transformation and democratization of their countries. At the end of each year it awards diplomas to its graduating scholars and fellows.


The Democracy Study Centre project is focused on building up the capacity of civil society, while encouraging critical and interdisciplinary work of young scholars. It seeks to promote the sustainable development of networks and partnership between Ukraine, other Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and the West. The DSC seeks to advance the democratic development of Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries by supporting scholars in the implementation of group projects and by given them a chance to learn from each other.    It provides them opportunities to meet and debate with a wide range of invited experts, politicians, grassroots activists, journalists, academicians, entrepreneurs, and diplomats.


The Centre promotes young professionals in their development as responsible academic, civic and economic experts. The idea of the Centre is to foster the dialogue between the scholars from the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.

Academic year (2019-2020)

The third academic year (2019-2020) started in October 2019. This year, the DSC focuses on the development of small and medium-sized businesses as a driving force of democratic changes in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.  The thematic areas cover:

  1. Strengthening the Mittelstand and social entrepreneurship.
  2. Women in focus.

The group projects initiated and implemented by the DSC scholars will exploit different formats – from commercial to research ones.