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Democracy Study Centre 2016-2017

Democracy Study Centre 2016-2017

Mission of the Democracy Study Centre

  • Encouragement of the dialogue, debates and interdisciplinary work of young Eastern
  • European academics, activists and journalists.
  • Support for young professionals in their development as the responsible academic, civic and economic experts.
  • Activation of academic and civil society actors from the Donetsk and Luhansk former residents and IDPs.
  • Capacity building for active participation in governance matters at local, regional and national levels.
  • Contribution to democratic, economic and societal development by youth projects developed in the context of DSC participation.

Our Vision

  • Establishment of structures that will contribute to the sustainable development of new regionally engaged actors from all disciplines and sectors.
  • Inspiration of young leaders, reflection of lessons learned and preparation for the challenges ahead.
  • Education of the next generation of international and interdisciplinary experts yet to become the ambassadors of the young Democracy Study Center.

About the idea of the Democracy Study Center

The conflict in Ukraine, as well as current socio-political development in Russia and the region covered by the Eastern Partnership, have made clear that further peaceful European cooperation can only be achieved through wide-ranging democracy stabilisation as well as the consolidation of civil societies.

Young people, in particular, have a key role to play in the future development of their countries and of Europe as a whole: giving them a perspective and enabling them to become proactive in processes of social change should be a primary concern of European policies.

The German-Polish-Ukrainian Society supports processes of economic and social transformation in Ukraine since 1995. Based on its experience the GPUS has initiated the European-Ukrainian Youth Policy Centre to provide educational training. The Democracy Study Centre project is focused on building capacities of civil societies, while encouraging critical and interdisciplinary work of young scholars and the sustainable development of networks and partnerships in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, and Russia.

DSC Fellows

There are 29 Fellows participating in the DSC project from October 2016 till June 2017. You can read more detailed information about each fellow here.

DSC Group Projects

Here you can find information about the DSC group projects.

Forum “Pulse of Ukraine”

Here you can find information about the Forum.