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The second working meeting of the DSC 2019-2020 academic year

The second DSC session took place on November 23 – 24, 2019. We had intensive two days devoted to the Business and Social Entrepreneurship. The session was full of practical work and interesting discussions about project management, place of the Hidden Champions in the Global Market, business culture in Germany and the importance of German Mittelstand. On Sunday, the DSC scholars presented their project ideas for the first time to the DSC Committee.

The second working session was opened on November 23 by Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager. She held a workshop on Project Management, in the course of which she shared her own experience in project management and came up with effective project management tools. The workshop was intended to support the participants with their own projects.

In the afternoon, Dr. Niclas Rüffer, Senior Fellow at the DSC 2019-2020, delivered the second lecture in the Core business course to be given during the DSC 2019-2020 academic year. The lecture was devoted to the business culture in Germany, the importance of German Mittelstand, and the role of the Hidden Champion in the German economy and the Global Market.
The Scholars worked in groups to discuss business sphere in the EaP countries.

Grigory Frolov, Vice President of the Free Russia Foundation, spoke about effective crisis communications and community relationships. He presented the case of the Free Russia House Kyiv established three years ago in Ukraine, the difficulties its activists and employees have been facing since then, and the efficient and successful ways to overcome them.

The DSC scholars have been working on their group projects since the beginning of the current academic year. On Sunday, the scholars had over four hours to work in groups. After the intensive team working, they made presentations of their project ideas for the first time in public. The participants discussed together the ideas and potential implementation challenges with Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager.